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Orphan X Series in Order

Orphan X Series in Order

If you are a fan of thriller, you have probably heard of the Orphan X series by Gregg Hurwitz, one of the most exciting and bestselling series in the genre. The series follows Evan Smoak, a former assassin who becomes a vigilante for the desperate and the innocent. He is known as Orphan X, a code name given to him by the secret government program that trained him to be a lethal weapon.

The Orphan X series has sold millions of copies worldwide and has been praised by critics and readers alike for its gripping writing style, which combines action, suspense, and emotion. The series is also being adapted into a movie starring Bradley Cooper as Evan Smoak. Whether you are new to the series or a longtime fan, you might be wondering what is the best way to read the Orphan X books in order. In this blog post, we will guide you through the Orphan X series in order and help you enjoy the thrilling adventures of Evan Smoak.

Orphan X Books in Order

The Orphan X series consists of six books and two novellas as of 2021, and more are expected to come. The books are best read in the order they were published, as they follow the chronological adventures of Evan Smoak, from his escape from the Orphan program to his battles with his enemies and his past. The books also reference previous events and characters, so reading them in order will help you avoid spoilers and confusion.

The Orphan X books in order are as follows, listed by their publication year:

  • Orphan X (2016): Evan Smoak is contacted by a woman who needs his help, but he soon realizes that he is being hunted by someone from his past who knows his secrets. View on Amazon

  • Buy a Bullet (2016): A short story that follows Evan Smoak as he helps a woman who is being abused by her husband, and who has a secret that could endanger them both. View on Amazon

  • The Nowhere Man (2017): Evan Smoak is kidnapped by a ruthless criminal who wants to use his skills for his own gain, but he also finds a new mission in helping a young girl who is in danger. View on Amazon

  • Hellbent (2018): Evan Smoak is given a final task by his mentor, Jack Johns, who is killed by a rogue operative. He has to protect a teenage girl who is the last Orphan, and stop a conspiracy that threatens his life and the world. View on Amazon

  • The Intern (Short Story): Evan Smoak, a former government operative now living incognito, uses his skills to help a summer intern in trouble, becoming the near-legendary Nowhere Man who aids the truly desperate. View on Amazon

  • Out of the Dark (2019): Evan Smoak is on a personal mission to kill the man who ordered the Orphan program, the President of the United States. He also has to deal with a new enemy, a former Orphan who is as skilled and ruthless as him. View on Amazon

  • Into the Fire (2020): Evan Smoak is asked by a man to investigate his fiancée’s death, which leads him to a web of corruption and murder. He also has to face a choice between his old life and his new one. View on Amazon

  • The List (2017): A short story that follows Evan Smoak as he helps a man who is on a hit list, and who has a connection to his past. View on Amazon

  • Prodigal Son (2021): Evan Smoak is contacted by a woman who claims to be his mother, and who asks him to help her find his brother, who is in trouble. He also has to confront his past and his identity. View on Amazon

  • Dark Horse (2022): With the fate of innocent lives hanging in the balance, Evan must confront a formidable adversary and a dangerous game of deception, ultimately questioning the very foundation of his identity. View on Amazon

  • The Last Orphan (2023): The thrilling saga reaches its explosive climax as Evan embarks on a final mission to dismantle the organization that shaped him, facing a choice that will determine the future for him and countless others. View on Amazon

  • The Recital (Short Story): Evan Smoak, an ex-government assassin turned ordinary citizen, is called upon by his hacker friend to recruit dangerous individuals for a mysterious mission. View on Amazon

  • Lone Wolf (2024): Orphan X, a former government assassin turned vigilante, faces his toughest mission yet when searching for a missing dog leads him to an AI billionaire, a mirror-image assassin, and a desperate fight for survival. View on Amazon

As you can see, the Orphan X books in order offer a thrilling ride that spans over a decade and covers various topics and themes relevant to the contemporary world. You will not be disappointed by the quality and consistency of the Gregg Hurwitz Orphan X books in order.

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