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Alex Cross Book Series Order

Alex Cross Book Series in Order

If you are a fan of crime fiction, you have probably heard of the Alex Cross series by James Patterson, one of the most prolific and bestselling authors in the genre. The series features Alex Cross, a brilliant and compassionate psychologist and detective who solves some of the most challenging and complex cases in Washington, D.C. and beyond.

The Alex Cross series has sold over 100 million copies worldwide and has been adapted into several movies and TV shows. The series has also been praised by critics and readers alike for its fast-paced, suspenseful, and engaging stories, as well as its memorable characters and villains. Whether you are new to the series or a longtime fan, you might be wondering what is the best way to read the Alex Cross books in order. In this blog post, we will guide you through the Alex Cross book series order and help you enjoy the thrilling adventures of Alex Cross.

Alex Cross Book Series Order

The Alex Cross series consists of 29 books as of 2021, and more are expected to come. The books are best read in the order they were published, as they follow the chronological progression of Alex Cross’s life and career, as well as the development of his relationships with his family, friends, and colleagues. The books also reference previous events and cases, so reading them in order will help you avoid spoilers and confusion.

The Alex Cross series in order is as follows, listed by their publication year:

  • Along Came a Spider (1993): Alex Cross hunts a serial killer targeting prominent women, who also kidnaps two children from a prestigious school. View on Amazon

  • Kiss the Girls (1995): Alex Cross tracks down two serial killers who are working together, one of whom has abducted his niece. View on Amazon

  • Jack & Jill (1996): Alex Cross investigates a series of murders of celebrities and politicians, orchestrated by a mysterious duo who call themselves Jack and Jill. View on Amazon

  • Cat & Mouse (1997): Alex Cross faces his nemesis, Gary Soneji, a mastermind who is obsessed with him, and a new enemy, Mr. Smith, a ruthless killer who is terrorizing Europe. View on Amazon

  • Pop Goes the Weasel (1999): Alex Cross pursues a serial killer who is posing as a cab driver and preying on the poor and vulnerable in Washington, D.C. View on Amazon

  • Roses Are Red (2000): Alex Cross tries to stop a bank robber who calls himself the Mastermind, who is also behind a series of murders and kidnappings. View on Amazon

  • Violets Are Blue (2001): Alex Cross continues his hunt for the Mastermind, who is also involved in a cult of vampires who are killing people across the country. View on Amazon

  • Four Blind Mice (2002): Alex Cross defends his friend and partner, John Sampson, who is accused of murder, and uncovers a conspiracy involving the army and a group of killers known as the Four Blind Mice. View on Amazon

  • The Big Bad Wolf (2003): Alex Cross joins the FBI and faces a new challenge: a Russian mobster who is running a human trafficking ring and calls himself the Wolf. View on Amazon

  • London Bridges (2004): Alex Cross confronts the Wolf and the Weasel, two of his most dangerous foes, who are plotting to destroy major cities around the world. View on Amazon

  • Mary, Mary (2005): Alex Cross travels to Los Angeles to investigate the murder of a famous actress, and becomes the target of a malicious website that accuses him of being a bad father. View on Amazon

  • Cross (2006): Alex Cross revisits the unsolved murder of his wife, Maria, and learns that his former partner, Kyle Craig, who is also the Mastermind, is behind it. View on Amazon

  • Double Cross (2007): Alex Cross faces a new threat: a serial killer who performs his murders in front of a live audience, and who is working with Kyle Craig to take down Alex Cross. View on Amazon

  • Cross Country (2008): Alex Cross travels to Africa to investigate the massacre of a friend’s family, and discovers a horrifying network of corruption and violence. View on Amazon

  • Alex Cross’s Trial (2009): Alex Cross writes a novel based on the true story of his great-uncle, Abraham Cross, who fought against racism and lynching in the early 20th century.

  • I, Alex Cross (2009): Alex Cross investigates the murder of his niece, who was involved in a secret service that catered to the rich and powerful, and uncovers a shocking family secret. View on Amazon

  • Cross Fire (2010): Alex Cross prepares to marry his girlfriend, Bree, but his plans are interrupted by a sniper who is killing corrupt politicians and a new plot by Kyle Craig. View on Amazon

  • Kill Alex Cross (2011): Alex Cross is involved in two cases: the kidnapping of the president’s children and a terrorist attack that threatens to unleash a deadly virus. View on Amazon

  • Merry Christmas, Alex Cross (2012): Alex Cross spends Christmas Eve trying to stop a hostage situation and a bank robbery, while also dealing with a family crisis. View on Amazon

  • Alex Cross, Run (2013): Alex Cross faces three serial killers who are wreaking havoc in Washington, D.C., and a personal enemy who is trying to ruin his reputation and career. View on Amazon

  • Cross My Heart (2013): Alex Cross’s family is in danger when a mysterious man who calls himself Marcus Sunday vows to destroy everything Alex Cross loves. View on Amazon

  • Hope to Die (2014): Alex Cross tries to rescue his family from Marcus Sunday, who has taken them hostage and is torturing them. View on Amazon

  • Cross Justice (2015): Alex Cross returns to his hometown in North Carolina to help his cousin, who is accused of a heinous crime, and to uncover the truth about his own past. View on Amazon

  • Cross the Line (2016): Alex Cross investigates the murder of his boss, the chief of detectives, and a series of vigilante killings that are linked to a dangerous gang. View on Amazon

  • Cross Kill (2016): A short story that follows Alex Cross as he faces a shocking return of Gary Soneji, who he thought was dead. View on Amazon

  • Detective Cross (2017): A short story that follows Alex Cross as he tries to stop a bomber who is targeting the citizens of Washington, D.C. View on Amazon

  • The People vs. Alex Cross (2017): Alex Cross is on trial for murder, and he also has to prove his innocence in a case involving a missing girl and a dark web site. View on Amazon

  • Target: Alex Cross (2018): Alex Cross is the target of a killer who is assassinating the members of the government, including the president. View on Amazon

  • Criss Cross (2019): Alex Cross matches wits with a genius criminal who is copying his most famous cases and leaving clues for him to follow. View on Amazon

  • Deadly Cross (2020): Alex Cross investigates the murder of a former colleague and friend, who was involved in a high-profile case of a rapist and murderer. View on Amazon

  • Fear No Evil (2021): Off-duty Alex Cross and Detective Sampson are ambushed by assassins in Montana while confronting their stalker in a desperate final showdown. View on Amazon

  • Triple Cross (2022): Alex Cross races against a meticulous serial killer targeting families, with a true-crime author and the killer himself complicating the hunt. View on Amazon

  • Cross Down (2023): With his partner Alex Cross critically injured, Detective John Sampson races to unravel a conspiracy and protect the nation's capital. View on Amazon

  • Alex Cross Must Die (2023): Legendary detective Alex Cross races against time to stop a plane-shooting serial killer now targeting him after a deadly airport attack. View on Amazon

As you can see, the Alex Cross book series order offers a thrilling ride that spans over three decades and covers various topics and themes relevant to the contemporary world. You will not be disappointed by the quality and consistency of the Alex Cross novels in order.

Share your favorite Alex Cross book or moment in the comments below and let's discuss what makes James Patterson's detective tick!

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